Inhale silently with Soooo... Exhale silently with Hummm...  

Notice how easy it is to focus attention within space. By regulating attention in space, the processes of time and causation (chain of mental events) also are easily regulated. Focusing one-pointed attention in a specific space in the inner world of meditation is a real key to transcending time, space, and causation. Start with this image, but then close your eyes and place attention in the space of the  navel center, heart center, throat center, or eyebrow center, and similarly go deep into the stillness and silence, which is there.

Start with 15-20 seconds.
Then 30-40 seconds.
Then 1-2 minutes.
Then longer.

(This is a yoga meditation practice called trataka.)
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For now,
Inhale silently with Soooo...
Exhale silently with Hummm...
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